Friday, June 29, 2007

Dogs and Horses and Cats, Oh MY!!!

Miss Freckles is making herself more at home all the time. Now she's taken to chewing things up that aren't hers, and has started digging in the garden areas. We're working on that. She got even more new toys and things to chew on today in the hopes that we can teach her 'hers' from 'ours'. We'll continue the formal training in September when classes start up again.

Eric and Michael and Gaelen have her down at the beach right now, I got this image from Eric's camera phone.

Sounds like they're having a blast down there.

My mom and I are attending the "Boomer Bash" tonight, I have donated a pet portrait package to the cause, and it will be in the oral auction. So of course I have to take some of my favorite pet portrait studio samples to show off to get the price jacked up and up and up... should be fun.

This is a flyer I put together to promote my pet portraits.

And off the subject... I had a client walk in yesterday and ask if I'd do her portraits on the spot. Ok. She said that she'd NEVER seen a picture of herself that she liked. And she's in her mid-60s. So you know there must be a LOT of pictures of her out there, and she doesn't like a single one of them. So... no pressure... LOL - We got started and tried this and that and finally came up with an image that she LOVES. She said the more she looks at it, the more she likes it. Yay! Mission accomplished!

She walked in here very doubtful that we could make anything she liked, she hated every image I took of her, until she started to relax a little and her real personality started to shine thru. Eventually we got exactly what she wanted.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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