Monday, April 16, 2007

One Fine Day

I got what I had asked for in a day off yesterday, a warmish day without rain. Eric and I spent the day working in the yard and then he washed both vehicles. I planted a couple of artichoke plants, some sweet pea plants, several pansies, some cilantro and catnip. It felt so good to be outside and absorb a little sunshine.

While I was out in the yard I happened to notice that the twig that I had stuck in the ground to mark my Gypsy’s grave was growing up one side and down the other. Just about the same time I had to have her put down this past January, our huge corkscrew willow tree had gotten broken by strong winds and Eric and our neighbors had cut a lot of the big branches out of it. It was a piece of that tree that I happened to use for a quick marker, and this is what it looks like now. Eric and I transplanted it away from the fence so it can eventually grow into the large tree that it wants to be. And it will always be Gypsy’s tree. Eventually it will be a bookend tree with our cedar shed in between them.
Here is a picture of the flowers along our fence row. The white one is a daffodil, the red ones are tulips, you can see a peony bud on the left, and the purple ones are the bluebells that are constantly trying to take over the entire yard. They are everywhere.

This is a close up of a flower on the Akebia vine I planted last spring.

And these are a couple of my lilac flowers. They smell so good.

And by request, here is the picture I got of my Sissy from 2001, when she lived with someone else and her name was ‘Lil Girl’.
Eric and I had the horses’ hooves trimmed on Saturday, and while they were doing that I wandered down into the pasture to get a couple of pictures of the new ducklings. Here they are paired up, two by two as they follow mom down to the pond.
And here is a good example of skunk cabbage. As a kid I remember mistakenly calling it skunk spinach.
This is the nanny goat that lives with our horses, and she thinks she is also a horse. She’s pretty sweet. For a goat.

Now I'm gonna get personal on ya. Eric and I have had our share of hard times in the last year, but right now we can use all the good vibes you can send us. Eric had a mammogram last week - yes really - so keep us in your thoughts while we hope that it's just a cyst. I am having a cone biopsy on Wednesday, so keep us in your thoughts while we hope that it's curative and no more treatment will be needed. Much appreciated.


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