Sunday, April 29, 2007


I attended the services for our Mayor this afternoon. For those of you who didn't know Sharon, she was an avid gardener. People said that she treated Toledo like her own backyard. You always saw her weeding, planting, landscaping, and beautifying our little town of Toledo. Her own yard with its many many flowers is nothing short of spectacular. She instigated Toledo's now-famous hanging flower basket display.

I think I've caught her bug.

I put a hanging fuschia basket up at the studio about 3 weeks ago. I had hanging flower baskets last year too, but I think I'm the only one in town to have one out that early.

This afternoon after her services at the high school, all I wanted to do was come home and dig. So I did. I got my vegetable plot all ready to plant and even placed some counter-sunk stones as a border. I weeded out another little planting spot too, where a couple of weeks ago I planted a gigantic elephant ear bulb. I haven't seen it coming up yet, but am watching for it.

Tomorrow I'll get our many pepper plants in, along with a couple of different cukes, and yes I bought more zucchini plants. 3 to be exact. I'm going to plant them at the other end of the yard so they don't take over the veggie garden. Eric and I thought it would be funny, since I really only wanted one plant, and the containers for sale came with no less than three, to sneak into the yards of people we don't like and plant the other two zucchini plants. We like zucchini but last year we had two plants and we had WAY too much zucchini.

I think I've finally caught the gardening bug again. I haven't been inspired to do much in the yard the last few years. Maybe some little part of Sharon's enthusiasm for it has been channeled to me. All I can say is THANK YOU.

We will miss our Sharon so very much. Yet she will live on in our hearts and our gardens.


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