Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter

It's starting out to be a nice sunny day here at the coast, and I hope it stays that way. I hope I get lots of people stopping by for Easter Portraits today as well. I've got a cute set up and am looking forward to seeing people all dressed up.
A couple of days ago I had a session with a lovely lady who just has oodles of personality. When she first called me she lamented -on and on- about how she NEVER takes a good picture, she's so un-photogenic, has the face of a horse... you get the picture. So I suggested she have her hair done, and go see a Mary Kay consultant for some instruction on the art of make-up, and bring some different blouses to the studio for a session. I was hoping to change her mind about her own photogenic-ness. It seems I succeeded. We ended up with several portraits of her that she really likes. I am thankful for her faith in me. Here is my favorite.

Yesterday another client stopped by to pick up the prints she ordered of her one-month old daughter. She happened to see Sissy, my studio cat, and exclaimed, "THAT USED TO BE MY CAT!!!!" She had adopted "Little Girl" along with her brother, "Little Boy" when they were babies, and apparently when they moved across town three or four years ago, the girly-cat ran away. When she started hanging around the studio about a year ago, I thought maybe she had been dumped off. But apparently she was looking for the perfect home. I guess she found it. I am positive she's the same cat, because she drools when she's happy. And she drools a LOT at the studio.

Have a wonderful Easter!


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