Monday, March 26, 2007

From Sea to Shining Sea

First, my apologies. I have been incredibly remiss in not posting for the last three weeks, but I have been feeling really overwhelmed. Of course the first two weeks I was in Baltimore and DC, and with no laptop (yet) it was a hassle to find a computer even to check my email. And the week since we got back has been just as hectic, catching up with life in general, with current and past clients and some new ones, too.

Anyway, between Eric and me, we captured about 1,800 images, so sorting through them is a big job. I've only done a little of that, getting some new prints ready for the Yaquina Art Association Photographer's April show at Newport's Visual Arts Center. I hope you can come by and see some of the work that these very talented individuals do. It's worth the trip. And the photographs will be displayed the entire month.

Here are the three that I'll be hanging. The first one is of a little known statue of Albert Einstein, and the day I was out shooting the monuments with a photo safari group, it was snowing lightly in the morning, then heavily by the afternoon. The snow made for some very interesting images.
This is a detail shot of one of the nurses in the Women's Memorial near the VietNam memorial wall. She has snow on her shoulders and on the far cheek, and what looks like a real tear running down her face as she watches the sky for a rescue helo. The tear is actually precipitation from the snow.
This last one is a detail of the famous Iwo Jima Memorial.
I'll post more when I catch my breath. Thanks for looking!!


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