Friday, March 30, 2007

From last night

I had the pleasure of capturing some lovely images of a beautiful young lady last night at Ona Beach State Park, one of my favorite locations.

Her mother, sister, and grandparents were along as her entourage, and it was a good thing that they brought a lot of manpower. They literally had suitcases full of clothing changes, makeup and jewelry. That was good tho, because I was able to pick my favorites for each setting.

Here she is with her sister. I like the contrast of darks and lights between the two girls. Everything seems opposite.
It was about 65 degrees here in Toledo when I left for this shoot, and a good 10 or 15 degrees cooler at the beach. So my subject was quite chilled by the time we worked our way down to the beach, and then I asked her to put on her gown and walk thru the freezing cold surf. It made for a striking image with the bright blue gown, but you can tell by her posture that she's chilled to the bone.

This is my favorite shot. She looks so sweet and serene. The soft pink of the blouse makes a striking contrast to the dark green background.

We all had a really good time out there, and her mom even told me how much fun I am to work with. They even bought me dinner afterward!
I did two composite images for her as well.


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