Saturday, March 03, 2007

Coming Around Again / Leaving on a Jet Plane

This morning I had the honor of creating Lorena's portrait for the second time, this time for the occasion of her 90th birthday. Her daughter Sandie was the first one to put her faith in me as a portrait photographer when she hired me to create Lorena's portrait for her 87th birthday three years ago. I've posted before about the wonderment of my chosen profession and how it relates to the changes in my clients' lives. Births, deaths, and other changes happen so quickly. And time continues to march on. Here is Lorena's new portrait.

Eric and I have been busy making last-minute preparations for our two-week trip to Baltimore and Washington, DC. I hope the weather is at least mild, and not wet and/or snowy. We'll just have to keep our fingers crossed on that. I'm sure we'll have a blast and will have LOTS of pictures to share when we return. We have two plane changes/layovers tomorrow, so by the time we finally hit Baltimore we should be pretty well wore out. Then after a good nights' sleep, we'll be off to do some sightseeing.

Eric has 4 days and a couple of evenings of the EMS conference, so I'll be doing some sightseeing on my own, including a photo safari with a professional travel photographer on Wednesday. Thursday evening the EMS conference includes a 25th anniversary party at the Baltimore Aquarium. Woo hoo!

So we'll post when we return.


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