Monday, June 19, 2006

How Cute is This?

On my way to visit my horses yesterday I happened upon this fawn with its mother. They ran down the road in front of me for a little ways, then the mother turned and jumped up the road bank. The fawn kept running down the road in front of me, so I stopped. Then it stopped. I turned off the car, and it started back toward me. It got right in front of the car, and as I stepped out to get a better shot, I could hear the mother calling it to join her. The fawn was about 18 inches tall, and I'm guessing only a couple of days old.

I'm in the habit of driving that road - Sam's Creek Road - with my camera in my hand because a few days ago Eric and I saw a huge black bear in the middle of the road as we came around a bend.The bear was gone before I even got the camera bag open, so I want to be ready if and when I see him again.


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