Saturday, May 27, 2006

New and Interesting Faces at the Aquarium

Last night Eric, Michael and Gaelen and I went to the Oregon Coast Aquarium to see the new exhibit, 'Claws'. As always, there are some pretty fascinating creatures out there. Here are a few of them:

This is a Tanner Crab. It almost looks like he has human-like teeth, and has a weird kind of evil smile on his face.

This is a king crab. I've never looked at their faces close up, they look like aliens. It's amazing how big they are, too.

This is a Moon Jelly. They are fascinating to watch.

For more shots from last night's aquarium visit, check out the "What's New" link to the right.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!


Blogger Eric said...

The bottom photo (on your What's New page) looks like the inside of a banana peel.

6/01/2006 12:39 PM  

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