Friday, May 26, 2006

The Company I Keep

I spend a lot of time here at the studio in front of the computer. I have two studio cats who keep me company. Well, kinda. They clamor to get in the door when I arrive in the morning, head directly for the food bowl and eat their breakfast. Then they both stretch out for their day-long naps.

This is Simon. He has lived with my former neighbor for most of his life. The building that houses the studio is a duplex, and the other unit is a small apartment. Anyway, said neighbor was evicted, and well... arrested, and Simon was left behind and has since adopted me. He spends some time at the restaurant next door as well, sitting outside the door and begging for scraps. So I've known Simon for about a year, and have called him mine for about 6 months. He is very sweet but not really very affectionate. He's not particularly fond of being petted.

This is what he normally does all day:

He recently has discovered a comfy little doll buggy that I bought at a garage sale to use as a prop for babies and little girls. He thinks it's pretty comfy.

Then there's Sissy. She started coming around about 3 months ago. Eventually she worked her way into the studio and into my heart. She is very affectionate, loves to be petted and is fairly demanding of my attention when I'm trying to work. She drools all over the place when she's really happy and relaxed.

They're both about 4 or 5 years old, both neutered, both part siamese, and both nice to have around when I spend lots of hours at the studio, working. They both spend their nights outside, doing whatever cats do all night.


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