Thursday, October 15, 2009

Interesting Day

I had a nice lunch date with Mayor Rod today, our conversations are always interesting, enlightening and enjoyable. Thank you, Your Honor. ;)

This afternoon I attended the Newport Chamber's Business After Hours, hosted by Bateman Funeral Homes. I knew it would be a fun and interesting event, they always are, this one especially because the catering was by Oregon Coast Catering, they always do such an awesome job, and live music by Coin of the Realm, which is always awesome as well. It was interesting to see the funeral home facilities in that context, rather than the circumstances under which I've been there in the past, that I'd lost someone near and dear. The Newport Chamber members are always so friendly and welcoming, it is a joy to attend their functions. I won a nice Harry and David snacky package in the raffle too... always a nice bonus.

I skipped out of there and headed north to Gleneden Beach to attend a class on the "Master Key System" - which I found to be very interesting and enlightening. I'd seen an ad for the class in the local paper and made a mental note... I even had to dig the paper out of the recycle bin when I remembered it was being held tonite... funny how sometimes the Universe just nudges you to do something... you may not really know why you feel compelled... but you do none-the-less. And it ends up being just what you needed...

I received a warm welcome there too... and during the break chit-chat, got the celebrity treatment that always tickles me so and lets me know that my marketing and advertising efforts have been working... "you're THE Nancy Lynne??" I always smile when I hear that... and I'm always grateful. They were a very kind group of ladies (and one man...) and I look forward to meeting with them again next week.

Looks like a possible road trip to Coos Bay tomorrow to ride along with a friend delivering tuna and salmon down there. Should be fun, hope the weather is nice. I'll be sure to pack the camera...


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