Sunday, January 18, 2009

A much-needed day of rest

Seems like I've been going non-stop lately with City meetings and photo shoots and radio commercials and appointments... all the daily stuff I do... so today I took a day of rest. I hung out at home, soaked up some 60-degree sunshine in the back yard, took a nap, and went out to see my sweet horses. I put a bridle on Lucky and we rode around the pasture for a while. It was awesome, and just what I needed. He has lost some weight over the winter - he really needed to - and now he's easier to stay on bareback. We cantered up and down the length of the pasture... what a joy to ride. He is so graceful and smooth.(Took that with my cell phone.)

Then I came home and had some delicious homemade clam fritters - went clamming on the last minus tide and learned a lot about horseneck clams. Like the fact that they taste pretty darned good!!

Back at it tomorrow with household chores and another City meeting. Hope you're having an awesome weekend!!


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