Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Rocky Mountain High, Colorado

I was very recently treated to a trip to the Colorado Rocky Mountains. My mom attended her 55th high school reunion. Out of a class of 95, nearly half of them showed up. They all seemed to have a good time seeing each other again.

We visited my grandparents’ graves and this caught my eye.

The soft, sweet, gentle colors and cold beauty of the stone standing all alone in all that green space just captivates me.

My cousin Melanie and Mom and I did some shopping while we were there, traipsing thru the little towns dotting the gorgeous Rockies. This was life-size, in a doggie toy shop.

But this is a real dog. This is Ruby, one of Mel’s three sweet and spoiled dogs.

The gift shop at the top of Lookout Mountain has this sign posted as you walk in the door... I thought my girlfriend Brooke would appreciate it... it made me laugh too.

This is downtown Denver from Lookout. Yikes.

This is Golden, and in the center you can see the Coors Brewery dominating the landscape.

I'm not much of a city girl, so we headed for the hills every chance we got. Melanie drove us all up to the top of Mount Evans. This is called Summit Lake... it was about 52 degrees up there that day, when it was in the 80s down in the city.
This is the view... I spent the whole trip saying "WOW!" Every bend you come around up there is just another spectacular image.
This is Echo Lake.
And no trip to Golden would be complete without a trip to Red Rocks. WOW.
The U-shape in the middle is the amphitheater.
The next day, Mel and her husband Scott treated us to another scenic mountain drive. This picturesque church was an awesome stop, and Mel and I saw a baby beaver in the pond below it.
It's at a place called Saint Malo, the church is St. Catherine's Chapel on the Rock. WOW.
It was so nice to see my cousins again, they are all such sweet people. I'm trying to get them to come see the spectacular Oregon Coast.
Been busy here at the studio, will post some more new stuff soon!!


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