Thursday, January 10, 2008

Trudging thru the winter

I spoke to my friend Rhonda yesterday. Rhonda and her family up and moved to Florida late last fall, and left their mare Sidney in my care. This is Sidney.

Anyway, Rhonda says she feels like she has moved to heaven. It was 75 degrees when she got up, and was about 77 when we spoke. She said she'll never move back here, into the dark, cold and rain.

I get that. I would love to be a snowbird and spend my winters somewhere I could actually get out and enjoy being outside. I trudge thru ankle deep muck every day to feed and clean up after 4 horses, and its usually in the dark, and rain, and wind. Florida sounds so good to me right now. I also have a sister there, and would really love to plan a winter trip to visit.

But, Freckles and I just keep on keepin on, along with the help of my girlfriends. I would be lost without them. Miss Freckles spends her days with me here at the studio snoozing in the recliner. I don't dare even ask her to let me sit there anymore. When I do, she lays on the floor and pouts, and who can enjoy that? Here is a goofy shot of her, relaxing on the recliner.

The upside is that the days are getting imperceptibly but undeniably, incrementally longer by a moment or two each day. Yay!! And the spring bulbs are already coming up in the backyard. So, there is hope. The promise of sunshine at the end of all this rain and dark. Whew. Yay.


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